Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Paper boat makes 8000 mile journey!

This paper boat was found in Uig Museum, Outer Hebrides............its been on a very long journey!
This must be the furthest travelled paper boat! 

 "...One of your paper boats has made landfall on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia after a journey of 8000 miles.

The photographs show it anchored below the memorial cross that was raised to the Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton by his men. The cross is only a short walk from the site of the first shore-based whaling station in the southern hemisphere, at Grytviken. This though was not ancient whaling, it was modern industrial whaling that stripped the waters around the island of its whale stocks - they are only now showing early signs of recovering.
But before the shore stations there were American sailing ships that came to these waters practicing the more equal whaling techniques using a sailing ship, men in small boats and hand harpoons. It is an overlooked fact that many Africans worked on these ships and on the whaling stations.

You can read about one of the last of these ships working this way here in the book 'Logbook for Grace' a marvelous book that is almost a love letter to his wife by biologist Robert Cushman Murphy about his trip on the American whaler "Daisy".

As for stories, we have our ghost, Olaf the flenser, who rattles the tin sheets of the whaling station and be seen fleetingly as you pass between the abandoned buildings. We even have a little building that has become known as Olaf's and have made a film called "There is something about Olaf".

With all best wishes from an island in the bud of spring with elephant seals hauling out to have their pups i the days ahead,
Sarah Lurcock
South Georgia Director,
South Georgia Heritage Trust
Click here to read more about who sent it to South Georgia.
I've ordered a copy of 'Logbook for Grace' .......looking forward to reading it!!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Paper boat has been found in Uig Museum, Outer Hebrides, and is on it's way to South Georgia Whaling Museum!

Hi Joanne

I found one of your boats at the Uig Museum, Isle of Lewis while guiding a tour bus around the area. I have posted it to the South Georgia Whaling Museum, they only get mail once a month, so it may be some time before they acknowledge its arrival. I recently posted them copies of my publication Balaich na Whalers which included accounts and pictures of Lewismen working "at the whaling" in South Georgia. Great project I will be following with interest.


A few links:

Uig Museum   http://uigcommunity.com/museum/

Maggie Smith http://www.magaidhsmith.co.uk/back-in-time/

South Georgia Whaling Museum 

Cabraich Community Arts & Heritage group  http://www.cabraich.org/en

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Finland - the journey of a paper boat to Savonlinna !

Paper boat news from Eeva Simola-Erholtz

This paper boat sailed to Savonlinna. It is overlooking a shipping route here. Along the route cargo can be carried from anywhere in the world to far inland in Finland via Saimaa Canal. It starts at the Russian end of Gulf of Finland.

Only in the coldest of winter months, the route may be closed as thick ice forms on the lake.
The town of Savonlinna has a medieval castle named after the ancient Norwegian king made saint St Olof.

Every summer, the castle courtyard becomes covered with a roof, stage, orchestra space and seating for 2000+ listeners set up for a world class opera festival.
The castle sits on an islet in the middle of a very deep, almost black coloured stream.
The waters are known to sport fishers who go and get a license and go fishing for the freshwater salmon.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Paper boat found in Sicily.

" Hi!
I picked up the little boat in Sicily in a hotel in Campofelice, in late Sept, it's done a bit of traveling since then as it's been in my clipboard as I was working ... it went to  London, then to Arizona, London again and now finally at the end of October nearly it's just been unpacked, by the sea in Tenerife! In the south of Tenerife to be precise, Costa Adeje where I live.
Lots of history with Tenerife, both Homer and Hesiod made mention of the islands way back when, and Columbus was here before he set sail to discover America ( bet he'd wish he hadn't bothered if he could see what's happening now!) 
Shakespeare also mentions the Malmsey wine which was shipped from here and received at Canary Wharf, hence the name apparently.
We're also home to Rays, Bottlenose Dolphins and Pilot Whales too.
Anyway I will drop the boat somewhere and hope it's found and it carries on on its journey.
Thank you and best regards 
Simona   "

This paper boat is having quite an adventure.... Click here to find out how it got to Sicily!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Paper boat found on the ferry from Kirkwall to Westray - Orkney.

Hi Joanne,

We found your paper boat on the ferry from Kirkwall to Westray. We sailed it a bit in Westray as part of our family's annual 'Mill Boat Race Challenge- Thomas, our eldest son, won both with your boat and the Trophy.

We have bought the boat back to Thropton in Northumberland where we live and I am going to send it off...not sure where yet but either Kazakhstan, Costa Rica or Australia. We have been fortunate to have many sea stories: on the Great Barrier Reef, the Arabian Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans but we are truly happiest laying creels and phutting about the bay at Pierowall in Westray or, for our boys, Thomas, Daniel & Samuel, pier jumping off the Rapness Pier in Westray.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Paper boat found in Iceland!

One of our paper boats has been found by Margrét Long, in Selfoss, South Iceland!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

paper boat found in Shetland!

"Hi, Joanne

I saw one of your boats in the Bonhga Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland: I picked it up and read the story of the Magellan daisy but I mistakenly thought that the paper boat itself was part of a children's art workshop taking place in the gallery, so I didn't undo the boat or read any further, but put it back.

I found a second boat at Sumburgh Head lighthouse, in the exhibition room, on Friday 17th June. Of course, this time I was intrigued to have found another paper boat, looked more closely and realised what it was. At the moment, it is with me in my home town of Cardiff, Wales. I plan to leave it in our local art centre, as I think it is likely that anyone finding it there will be interested enough in your project to contact you and to pass the boat on.

My sea story is this: In 1959, when I was eight years old, I travelled with my family to New Zealand, by boat, to meet and stay with my paternal grandparents for five months.

The boat journey itself took four weeks and I remember very vividly going through the Panama Canal and calling at Pitcairn Island on the way across the Pacific. When we crossed the equator, there was a party on board, with someone dressed as Neptune. I was afraid that I would be thrown in the swimming pool, because I had not crossed the equator before and I'd read a story where this was what happened to the young hero of the story. I was very relieved to find that this didn't happen. However, like all the other children on the boat, I was given a certificate by Neptune, saying that I had his protection at sea, for ever after.

The people on the New Zealand side of my family had originally emigrated from Scotland, Wales and England. What people take with them and bring back from travelling is always of interest to me and I will be interested in how your project develops."

With best wishes
Bronwen Davies

Click here for more info about Crossing The Line Ceremony!