Saturday, 25 June 2016

paper boat found in Shetland!

"Hi, Joanne

I saw one of your boats in the Bonhga Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland: I picked it up and read the story of the Magellan daisy but I mistakenly thought that the paper boat itself was part of a children's art workshop taking place in the gallery, so I didn't undo the boat or read any further, but put it back.

I found a second boat at Sumburgh Head lighthouse, in the exhibition room, on Friday 17th June. Of course, this time I was intrigued to have found another paper boat, looked more closely and realised what it was. At the moment, it is with me in my home town of Cardiff, Wales. I plan to leave it in our local art centre, as I think it is likely that anyone finding it there will be interested enough in your project to contact you and to pass the boat on.

My sea story is this: In 1959, when I was eight years old, I travelled with my family to New Zealand, by boat, to meet and stay with my paternal grandparents for five months.

The boat journey itself took four weeks and I remember very vividly going through the Panama Canal and calling at Pitcairn Island on the way across the Pacific. When we crossed the equator, there was a party on board, with someone dressed as Neptune. I was afraid that I would be thrown in the swimming pool, because I had not crossed the equator before and I'd read a story where this was what happened to the young hero of the story. I was very relieved to find that this didn't happen. However, like all the other children on the boat, I was given a certificate by Neptune, saying that I had his protection at sea, for ever after.

The people on the New Zealand side of my family had originally emigrated from Scotland, Wales and England. What people take with them and bring back from travelling is always of interest to me and I will be interested in how your project develops."

With best wishes
Bronwen Davies

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Paper boat found in Orkney!

"Hello Joanne Just a quick message to say that I found a purple,paper boat in the Library at Kirkwall,  Orkney on Wednesday 25th May whilst collecting Family History information It is now with me in Colwyn Bay North Wales  Its journey  included two flights south to Aberdeen then on the Manchester and then a train journey to Colwyn Bay where I live  I am taking good care of it..........

........I do not have a whaling story but can tell you that there is an artificial island just beside the harbour in Porthmadog in Gwynedd North Wales,  (Porthmadog is famous for the shipping of Slate to destinations all around the world ) that was made by the sailing ships dumping the ballast used to steady the ships on their  return journeys  This ballast made up of soil, rocks etc.  contained thousands of seeds from plants that grew all around the world  

This island now has plants growing there that did not originate in the UK  It is a wonderful place for Botanists  Its name in Welsh is Cae Ballast or Ballast Field     

I wish you every success with your project"
Angela Owens

This wee boat may be going on a journey to Sicily!

Click here for more info and a location map about the Ballast Field.

An up-date:
"Hello Joanne. Just to let you know that I left the paper boat on the Reception Desk in a hotel on the north coast of Sicily  on a bright sunny day last week The temperature was 30degrees centigrade. A little different to that in Orkney when I found it.    I hope it continues its adventure safely and  I look forward to hearing where it gets to  Best wishes   Angela "

Monday, 20 June 2016

Paper boat found in Shetland in Peeries Gift Shop, Lerwick!

Hi Joanne,

Just to let you know, I found one of your boats in Peeries Gift Shop in Lerwick, Shetland. I'd read about your project on Twitter, but still had to check with the shop owner to make sure it wasn't part of their display!

I've bought it home to England, but I think I'm going to take it back to Iceland when I next return.

I was in Shetland researching my next book, which contains a lot of Puffins!

Loving your project - I even went to the Shetland Museum to see the exhibit.

With thanks,


Paper boats and Drawing between the midges and the rain in Uig cafe, isle of Lewis until the end of the 2016 season..

Beach wear and umbrella inspired by 

Drawing between the midges and the rain.

"..An Lanntair and the Bhaltos Community Trust award An Sùileachan Residency to artist Joanne B Kaar..."
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A bit more about the residency and exhibition: click here.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Paper boat found - in Caithness.

Hello Joanne
I found 'my' boat in the Quiet Room of the refurbished Thurso Library. I went there on Saturday 2 April to read the paper and there it was on the table. Its appearance there took a while for the penny to drop though, of course, I had read some of the publicity to launch (!) the project. I decided to leave the boat there for someone else to find. But about an hour later I thought better of it and hastened back to the Library and retrieved the boat which was still there. I subsequently gave it to my friend Judi who would soon be travelling to Australia, thus saving postage and having to explain to a friend in New Zealand (my contingency plan) what this was all about! As a result, Judi 'left it on a bench on the busy esplanade at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast' and wishes she had taken a photo of it down under.

Kind regards,
Helen Rand