Thursday, 2 June 2016

Paper boat found - in Caithness.

Hello Joanne
I found 'my' boat in the Quiet Room of the refurbished Thurso Library. I went there on Saturday 2 April to read the paper and there it was on the table. Its appearance there took a while for the penny to drop though, of course, I had read some of the publicity to launch (!) the project. I decided to leave the boat there for someone else to find. But about an hour later I thought better of it and hastened back to the Library and retrieved the boat which was still there. I subsequently gave it to my friend Judi who would soon be travelling to Australia, thus saving postage and having to explain to a friend in New Zealand (my contingency plan) what this was all about! As a result, Judi 'left it on a bench on the busy esplanade at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast' and wishes she had taken a photo of it down under.

Kind regards,
Helen Rand

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