Friday, 9 September 2016

Paper boat found on the ferry from Kirkwall to Westray - Orkney.

Hi Joanne,

We found your paper boat on the ferry from Kirkwall to Westray. We sailed it a bit in Westray as part of our family's annual 'Mill Boat Race Challenge- Thomas, our eldest son, won both with your boat and the Trophy.

We have bought the boat back to Thropton in Northumberland where we live and I am going to send it off...not sure where yet but either Kazakhstan, Costa Rica or Australia. We have been fortunate to have many sea stories: on the Great Barrier Reef, the Arabian Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans but we are truly happiest laying creels and phutting about the bay at Pierowall in Westray or, for our boys, Thomas, Daniel & Samuel, pier jumping off the Rapness Pier in Westray.

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