Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Paper boat makes 8000 mile journey!

This paper boat was found in Uig Museum, Outer Hebrides............its been on a very long journey!
This must be the furthest travelled paper boat! 

 "...One of your paper boats has made landfall on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia after a journey of 8000 miles.

The photographs show it anchored below the memorial cross that was raised to the Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton by his men. The cross is only a short walk from the site of the first shore-based whaling station in the southern hemisphere, at Grytviken. This though was not ancient whaling, it was modern industrial whaling that stripped the waters around the island of its whale stocks - they are only now showing early signs of recovering.
But before the shore stations there were American sailing ships that came to these waters practicing the more equal whaling techniques using a sailing ship, men in small boats and hand harpoons. It is an overlooked fact that many Africans worked on these ships and on the whaling stations.

You can read about one of the last of these ships working this way here in the book 'Logbook for Grace' a marvelous book that is almost a love letter to his wife by biologist Robert Cushman Murphy about his trip on the American whaler "Daisy".

As for stories, we have our ghost, Olaf the flenser, who rattles the tin sheets of the whaling station and be seen fleetingly as you pass between the abandoned buildings. We even have a little building that has become known as Olaf's and have made a film called "There is something about Olaf".

With all best wishes from an island in the bud of spring with elephant seals hauling out to have their pups i the days ahead,
Sarah Lurcock
South Georgia Director,
South Georgia Heritage Trust
Click here to read more about who sent it to South Georgia.
I've ordered a copy of 'Logbook for Grace' .......looking forward to reading it!!

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