Sunday, 23 October 2016

Paper boat found in Sicily.

" Hi!
I picked up the little boat in Sicily in a hotel in Campofelice, in late Sept, it's done a bit of traveling since then as it's been in my clipboard as I was working ... it went to  London, then to Arizona, London again and now finally at the end of October nearly it's just been unpacked, by the sea in Tenerife! In the south of Tenerife to be precise, Costa Adeje where I live.
Lots of history with Tenerife, both Homer and Hesiod made mention of the islands way back when, and Columbus was here before he set sail to discover America ( bet he'd wish he hadn't bothered if he could see what's happening now!) 
Shakespeare also mentions the Malmsey wine which was shipped from here and received at Canary Wharf, hence the name apparently.
We're also home to Rays, Bottlenose Dolphins and Pilot Whales too.
Anyway I will drop the boat somewhere and hope it's found and it carries on on its journey.
Thank you and best regards 
Simona   "

This paper boat is having quite an adventure.... Click here to find out how it got to Sicily!

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