Thursday, 6 April 2017

Finland - the journey of a paper boat to Savonlinna !

Paper boat news from Eeva Simola-Erholtz

This paper boat sailed to Savonlinna. It is overlooking a shipping route here. Along the route cargo can be carried from anywhere in the world to far inland in Finland via Saimaa Canal. It starts at the Russian end of Gulf of Finland.

Only in the coldest of winter months, the route may be closed as thick ice forms on the lake.
The town of Savonlinna has a medieval castle named after the ancient Norwegian king made saint St Olof.

Every summer, the castle courtyard becomes covered with a roof, stage, orchestra space and seating for 2000+ listeners set up for a world class opera festival.
The castle sits on an islet in the middle of a very deep, almost black coloured stream.
The waters are known to sport fishers who go and get a license and go fishing for the freshwater salmon.

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