Eeva Simola

These HQs were established on the spot, when Joanne contacted Eeva Simolas’ Finnish shipping office with her new idea.
The Office Manageress, Eeva, is a freelance writer and journalist, based on an island just South-West of Helsinki and further South into the Gulf of Finland than Helsinki.
She wrote the first ever Finnish-language travel guide to Scotland, and although  travelling a lot by air, land and sea, she spends as much time in Scotland as possible every year.  She says it is never enough!
She is an Economics graduate of the University of St. Andrews.  Apart from these paper boats, her shipping HQ manages a 55-year-old wooden dinghy with a square cloth sail, a white sea kayak, and a rowing boat and a motor boat in the Saimaa lake district. Her most recent kayaking expedition took her to Scotland, where she tried to tame Loch Ness with semi-success! The only monster sighted looked at her in the mirror in the mornings!!!
Her friends have a good sense of humour, else they might not be her friends. They are very supportive of the Paper Boat project and share a good contact network across the globe. 
 In 2014, this paper boat manager joined in ‘Postcard Sea’, a fundraiser for two Caithness groups with heritage at their hearts. And in In 2015, she put together “Åland Women at Sea”, ( Finland's part of the Nordic House Exhibition at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

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