Bryndis K. Borgedottir

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Selfos - South Iceland.
I live in Selfoss, a town on the south cost of Iceland.
I'm a teacher. I enjoy very much making things in my hands.  I Love doing textile projects, knitting, crocheting, sewing in hand and also machine sewing ( not clothes ). 

 Inspired by a photo of my daughter when she was a little girl wearing a national costume,   I painted fabrics, cut them into pieces, then using a sewing machine to make the collage. I gave it the name:  Í fylgd formæðra sinna.
I  started carving wood and would very much like to make things from bone (I haven't tried that yet!).
I'm a rock and mineral collector and love fossils but my country is very "young" so there isn't very much to find :)
I Love traveling to other countries and usually go home with my pockets full of small rocks!  

I was once stopped at  Stansted Airport and was asked: " what is it you have in your pockets?   Had forgot to put them in my suitcase!! 

But fortunately I was allowed to keep them :)
My newest love is Eco print and yarn dyeing, in as natural way as possible.  I love learning new things and working with new materials. 
North Iceland.

In January I'm taking class learning tanning skin "the Viking way."

I joined a Viking group in my town last year ( I'm making my Viking outfit ). The Viking world is full of new creative things for me to study and learn!

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